Year round we produce youngplants of patioplants. You can find our standard assortment in the "Youngplants" menu.  If you looking for different sizes (for example bigger plug or more cuttings in one plug) or other varieties we can offer you also.

Since we started to produce patioplants in 1984 we are looking for new selections and breeding our own varieties. Also we offer exclusive varieties from different breeders in the world. 

Hibiscus Extreme

Youngsplants are delivered from February till May as rooted cuttings

A few years ago we started with Hibiscus Moscheutos breeding by buying a program of a foreign breeder. After that we are breeding Hibiscus Extreme and asspecialy looking for the next qualities: winterhardy, compact growing habit and big flowers. We have now 5 colours in our program. 

Mailorder production

For mailordercompanies and retailpacking we make a large assortment of gardenplants. These plants are normal in a P7, P9 or 10,5cm pot but also other sizes we can produce on demand.


From a lot of these products we have exclusive pictures made by professional fotostudios. .

Finished products
We produce finished products of Streptocarpus as a house plant, patioplants in terracotta pots and some more products.

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