Mailorder production
For mailordercompanies en retailpacking we make a big assortment gardenplants. This "half finished" plants are normally in a P7, P9 and 10,5 cm pot but can also made in other pots on request.


Of many of our products we let made exclusive photos by proffesional studios.

Below you find a list of products we have standard in our assortment.


Abutilon hybride P9

Abutilon Tricolor 12cm

Aeonium Velours 14cm pot

Brugmansia Double Red P9
Brugmansia Double Yellow P9
Brugmansia Double White P9
Brugmansia Cordata Red-Yellow P9
Brugmansia Candida Yellow P9
Brugmansia Suavolens Pink P9 
Brugmansia Suavolens White P9

Cestrum Scarlet Cluster P9
Clematis Florida Sieboldii P9

Datura metel Purple P9
Datura metel Yellow P9
Datura metel White P9

Dianthus chinensis Dancing Geisha P7

Dryopteris Erythrosora P9

Hibiscus Extreme Hot Pink (P) P9
Hibiscus Extreme Pink (P) P9
Hibiscus Extreme Oak Red (P) P9
Hibiscus Extreme Sparkle (P) P9 

Hydranchea macrophylla Spike Blue (p) P9
Hydranchea macrophylla Spike Pink (p) P9
Hydranchea macrophylla Blacksteel (r) Blue  P9
Hydranchea macrophylla Blacksteel (r) Pink  P9
Hydranchea macrophylla Blacksteel (r) White P9 

Lantana Camara Orange/Red P9
Lantana Camara Yellow P9
Lantana Camara White P9 

Mandevilla Bloom Bells (R) Pink  10,5cm pot
         Momochako Red 5
Mandevilla Bloom Bells (R) Red  10.5cm pot
        Lipgall Pinky Flash 2

Mandevilla White 10,5cm pot
Mandevilla Yellow 10,5cm pot

Nerium Oleander Pink P9
Nerium Oleander Red P9
Nerium Oleander White P9

Passiflora Alata  P9
Passiflora Cearulea P9
Passiflora Constance Elliot P9 
Passiflora Edulus P9
Passiflora Incense P9
Passiflora Purle Rain

Plumbago Alba P7 en P9
Plumbago Blue P7 en P9
Senna (cassia) Corymbosa P9
Solanum Jasminoides P9
Solanum Muricatum Pepino Gold P7

Thunbergia Alata Orange/Red P9
Thunbergia Altata Rasberry P9
Thunbergia Alata Yellow P9

Thunbergia Grandiflora Blue P9
Tibouchina Rich Blue Sun P9

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